Step by Step Guide to Epson Printer Troubleshooting

Epson Printer Troubleshooting
Printers is an important device which makes hard tasks go easier whether it is related to personal or professional use. At current time, numerous people are moving towards wireless printers to meet their printing requirements. You can choose any kind of printer as per your choice. Now we are talking about printers and how Epson can be left behind.

As we all know Epson Printers are amazing but sometimes they cause different errors which leads to complications in printing tasks. All such regular issues which takes place with Epson Printer can get solved by attempting some Epson Troubleshooting Strategies.

In this blog post you will get to know all the ways which will help you to troubleshoot epson printer problems in a faster way.

How can I fix the Epson Printer Problem?

For resolving epson printer issues you have to follow some tricks which will make your Epson Printer free from errors.

1. Low on Lnk

Printer will display lower ink levels which will provide correct details if ink is changed.

Some printers do not stop working in the presence of lower ink levels.

  • Lower ink levels act as an error. Sometimes, this issue occurs with Epson EcoTank.
  • Not including cartridges, it is equipped with larger ink tanks for different shading which not works when ink levels is low.
  • Eco tank comes with two years of warranty so you can get it replace if some issue takes place.

2. Paper Jam

This error takes place when printer is not able to print due to shortage of paper, wrong paper size is inserted or paper got stuck while printing.

This one is the most common issue which takes place with epson printer and to fix this make sure to consider the following things:

  • Correct Paper is Loaded
  • Right Size of Paper must be used
  • The EcoTank is built with suggested sheets of paper which can hold upto 250 pages. This will assist in fixing paper jam errors.

3. Printing Slow

This is also experienced by many epson printer owners when they want fast printing epson begins to perform slowly.

If the printer is not working at great speed then the printer is running around 11-13 PPM which is normal.

  • For enhancing printing speed, the suggestion is to keep two-sided printing away. 
  • If the epson printer has a double sided printing feature then the printing speed error will not take place.

4. Epson Printer Driver Issue

In some situations printer is not printing fault occurs when printer is not displaying any error and not able to complete any printing task as well.

You can verify the printer's USB or Ethernet connection for confirming whether the printer is connected or not.

  • If it is a wireless model, check that Wi-Fi connection is working fine and if it is connected with the right network then drivers may be outdated and you must reinstall them. 
  • Visit the official epson website and download the latest driver package.

5. Selecting Right Printer

Always keep in mind to select the real printer for printing documents rather than the imagined printer which can mark itself as default. 

Confirm the right printer by visiting the control panel and selecting the start menu. 

  • To verify this, select device and printers, right-click on printer for using and set it as default
  • Make sure that the right printer is selected from which printing is getting done. 

6. Epson Printer not able to work when connected via USB Connection:

You have to follow the steps for complete removal of Epson Connection issue. For Troubleshooting epson printer problem, follow the steps:

  • Click Start menu
  • Go to control panel 
  • Choose Printer and Devices
  • Right tap on Epson Printer
  • Select Properties 
  • Click Ports
  • Pick the Port which will be suitable for Epson Printer.

7. Epson Printer Getting Offline

If poor communication occurring between printer and PC will cause epson printer offline error and every printing task will not get finished. You can remove this issue by attempting the steps mentioned underneath:

  • Click on the control panel.
  • Choose the Devices and Printers tab.
  • Select option see what’s printing.
  • Tap on Printer from toolbar.
  • Pick the Use Printer Offline option.
  • If Printer offline is checked then click on that for turning off.

Once you complete all the steps your epson printer offline issue will get removed and you can easily complete printing objectives by using your epson printer.

These were some easy techniques which will assist you to troubleshoot epson printer problems in the correct way. Once you follow every technique your epson printer will start to operate in an accurate manner without creating any further error.

The aim of this blog post is to provide you the right answers for your questions so that you can use your epson printer in the correct way without experiencing any kind of tough fault that can disrupt your printing tasks.



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