What is Marketing Automation and How is it Being Used

Marketing Automation

The world is advancing at a drastic pace and marketing automation isn’t far behind. 

What is Marketing Automation?

Many of you may be wondering 'What is marketing automation?'. In simple words, this is the use of automation tools for managing all the processes in the company. These tools allow the company in finding the right customers. Marketing automation uses information from social media, email, live chat, and the web. Salesforce, 2020, reports that almost 68% of leaders are using marketing automation software.

How Marketing Automation is used in the present world?

Automation tools use deep and broad techniques. It mixes many types of work. This also manages the execution and design processes. With the help of automation tools, all the employees complete the tasks and projects. A path has been developed between humans and machines. Automation uses charts, data lists, execution of files, and many more.

Work Automation provides high-quality content for heavy projects in a company. It checks for technical errors in every stage and also makes sure that the project is precise in every stage. Finally, customers or high-end users get the biggest results from the project. Using marketing automation for your work is beneficial. Automation provides good quality content to the project. 

The software assists in dividing resources, contact networks, and many more. Marketing automation creates and manages the campaigns for the company. It also manages the content for social media, blog posts, emails, web pages, and many more. Marketing Automation is easy to use and makes sure that no time and resource is wasted. It uses creative, attractive, strategic, and logical campaigns to deliver profitable results. This also creates a mixed path to give the best service to customers. 

Marketing automation software has various main divisions. They are:

  1. Lead Nurturing
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Mobile Application
  5. Lead Scoring
  6. Reporting
  7. Inbound Marketing
  8. Analytics
  9. Others

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation has many advantages that help the company to grow. Some of them are listed below.   

1. Planning

Automation develops a practical and decent plan for every project. In case of any confusion among the members, automation solves it. With the help of various tools, automation creates the goals for the teams about the project.

2. Customer Management

This identifies individual customers and buyers. Automation tracks the customers and lists them on their interest basis. Automation tools arrange the customers in a list based on their interest in the products. It also targets the right customers for the right products. 

3. Improving Teamwork 

Automation boosts teamwork. It provides a platform for the team members to share ideas related to the project. They keep a tab on every project and also on the team members. A report by Venture Harbour, 2020, reports that 79% of successful companies are using automation tools for more than 3 years. 

4. Expanding ROI

ROI (Return on Investment) in simple words is the calculation made between the amount of profit and the investment made. Marketo study reveals that by using automation software 44% of companies see high ROI within 5 months, and 76% of companies within 12 months.

5. Storing Data and Information

Automation software helps in tracking customer activity and stores all the contact information. It stores every data and information about the company. According to a report by Demand Gen, a total of 91% of users are saying that marketing automation is beneficial for their organization. Automation software stores the reasons for failed tasks and gives a warning if the same mistake appears again.

6. Multi-channel Requests 

Automation Tools keep a tab on every communication platform. Automation prepares all the customer's requests from different channels in a single platform. Automation provides support to customers through webinars, live chat, social media posts, tutorials, blog posts, and many more. 

7. Increase in Leads

Marketing Automation Users Experience a 451% Increase in Qualified Leads. Companies using marketing automation saw a rise of 80% leads, according to Invespcro. Automation converts the clients into leads. 

8. Workflow Efficiency

Many of us believe that developing a huge workflow will give more profit. But, rather than providing profit, these huge workflows create more chaos. So, automation tools help in building separate workflows like customer onboarding, orders, sales, quotations, and many more. It also creates time triggers and these triggers start another project after on task completion. All these processes increase workflow efficiency. 

9. Time-Saving

74% of users are saying that automation software is saving the time of employees, revealed by Demand Gen Report. The software sends reminders many times to solve the project within the deadline. Automation saves employees time by using automation tools for repetitive tasks. 36% of companies use Marketing Automation for repetitive tasks.

10. Increase in Productivity

Nucleus survey reports that automation increases productivity by around 20%. Work automation saves the time of the employees and this time is used for increasing the productivity of the company. It also helps in supervising and reviewing the quality of the project.

11. Controlling Budget

Martech Today's report reveals that the budget that is in use for marketing automation software may reach 25.1 billion dollars by 2023. Marketing automation uses the tools to reduce the amount of the project and saves money for the company. It also governs and adjusts the changes in the company and makes it easy for the project to get used to the changes.

12. Reducing the Blockage 

By using marketing automation tools, they create good standardization practices. So, the employees and teams in the company can perform their tasks and projects simultaneously. It creates continuous work without any bottlenecks.

13. Automatic Recommendations

When customers purchase or show interest in a product then the automation software recommends a similar kind of product or service to the customer.

14. Resource Management

Automation arranges human and economic resources. It uses and distributes the resources effectively without any waste. 

Automation solves the mistakes and delivers a perfect presentation. Automation uses tools for integration with other third-party apps. Automation tools help in calculating the participation of everyone in marketing campaigns and unite all the marketing campaigns.

Best Marketing Automation Software

20% of companies put a lot of effort into discovering good marketing automation software. Gartner survey reveals that 29% of the total marketing budget is spent on automation marketing technology and 21% is spent on advertising. Some of the best marketing automation software that is available in the market are listed below.

1. PeppyBiz 

PeppyBiz has been operating since 2019 and the customers are rapidly increasing day by day. Because it has powerful automation tools, CRM email marketing, customer support, and list management. They offer a free trial for users. It is in use by more than 12,000 customers worldwide. Many famous companies and enterprises trust this software. PeppyBiz's software is best for various kinds of industries. They are E-Commerce, Software, IT, Healthcare, Education, and Travel. 

2. Marketo

This is a SaaS-based Marketing Automation Software. Marketo is good for medium-sized companies. It focuses on marketing automation, lead management, mobile marketing, email marketing, and customer marketing. They have the best customer support system, reporting, and dashboard features. 

 3. Eloqua

Oracle offers this software. Eloqua is a SaaS-based software. This is mainly in use by marketers, B2B companies and is best for small and medium-sized companies. It is flexible to use and has features like Lead Management, Email Integration, Marketing Automation, and many more.

4. ActiveCampaign

Active Campaign is one of the best available software for Marketing Automation. This software has flexible and powerful automation tools. It is affordable and around 90,000 companies use this software. Some of the features are CRM Management and 300+ integrations.

5. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is best for private businesses and tiny companies. It offers one of the best solutions for marketing automation. This operates in various devices like mobile, cloud, and open-source versions. The software is in use by more than 4 million corporations. They offer a free trial. Some of the features are lead scoring, management, free for teams with less than 12 users. 


Finally, from the above information, many of us might understand what marketing automation is? Marketing automation plays a vital role in the growth and success of an organization. According to the state of marketing automation survey, it is clear that 75% of companies use automation tools.

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