How Modern Robotics are Impacted by AI Technology

AI technology

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The world has gone through immense revolution since the past few decades. The progressive hold of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) has paved the way towards the road to modern evolution for multiple industries especially in the field of robotics. The AI robot market is expected to reach USD 12.36 billion by 2023. All thanks to the continued research which has made this possible. Today in this read you will see the powerful impact of the artificial intelligence on the robotic industry and how it is enjoying the perks of getting impacted by the AI technology. The blend of robotics and AI technology is seen as a source of creating an array of possibilities for automation in future. 

Precise Mobility in Complex Environment

You must be aware how the robots have established the mobility capabilities since last six decades. But in emergence of artificial intelligence has made it possible for the robots to achieve the advancements the area of mobility. They can now move precisely even in complex environments that may be unpredictable as well. Going through the traditional nature of the robots you will that it involves the linear movement upon receiving the signals that the gadget emits guiding to go for a certain maneuver.


This means that the traditional robots are unable to move on unexpected events that might occur in their path while travelling. Suppose if the robot come across any obstacle, it won’t be able to stop or take any alternate route to prevent itself to prevent the collision and ultimately reach its destination. 

On the other hand a robot that is linked with artificial intelligence technology will actually move through the path while providing a real-time update on a map that is pre-programmed. It may also build a navigational map using the scratch in real-time. Not only will such a robot plan its path to required destination but will also sense the upcoming obstacle and then re-plan accordingly while it travels. Such AI-enabled robots are in use of the tasks ofː

  • Cleaning purpose; offices and large equipments
  • Exploration purpose; the environments considered dangerous for humans
  • transportation purpose; to carry the good in warehouse, factories or hospitals
  • to manage inventory

Evolution in Sense and Response

The traditional robots were not evolved enough and they were able to pick objects present in an already determined trajectory only if the object is known and its location is specified. AI coupled robots, however is programmable through AI technology and will allow the robot to pinpoint a certain object regardless of its location. Using one of the crucial segments of AI that is machine learning, robots can even learn and teach themselves to handle objects that it hasn’t come across before. 

The algorithm of machine learning improves further as the robot get in touch with new objects. With the technology being fast-paced, the robots are having a challenging time to pick objects that aren’t rigid.  

Process Optimization Achieved

The coupling of AI technology has made it possible for the robots to achieve optimum accuracy and reliability. The manufacturers in the robotic industry are now using artificial intelligence to know the appropriate time span needed for holistic robot maintenance. This actually aids customers to prevent unnecessary breakdowns and the resulting costs of repair. 

Furthermore, the artificial intelligence helps enhance the performance of the robot via conduction of in-depth analysis of data that is obtained from the sensors. The program that runs the robot could also be adjusted in real-time using the output obtained from the AI algorithm. Moreover, AI also helps in making predictive maintenance and process automation fast and accurate. In short, here AI is engaged for data analysis that comes from all the connected machines eventually helps in optimizing the process. 

Enhanced Customer Service

Robots are extensively used for customer service all around the globe especially in hotels, and retail spaces. Using artificial intelligence the robots could interact with the customers and thank them in a natural language. Moreover, when a robot undergoes prolonged interaction with the customer, it further enhances their capabilities. 

Enhanced Customer Service
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Role in Open Source Robotics

Robotic industry is also manufacturing various open source robotics system that features artificial intelligence. This allows public to train a robot to perform various jobs that are parallel to their intended applications. Agricultural operation is now building its interest in the open source AI robotics.  

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Some Future Revolution

The use of internet, applications, well-priced and cheap VPN is now very common among the people. But with the AI coupled robots you will see a new evolution in the automation process. The robots will be able to perform dangerous and complex operations. They will be handling the risky jobs such as radioactive substances or bomb deactivating. AI robots will be saving countless lives as they could survive in extreme conditions such as scorching heat, noisy conditions and toxic environments.

AI robots and human will share the same workplace. Few companies have already started the trend of keeping the robots as their shop attendants. Advances in artificial intelligence will further make the robots smarter, efficient and safer to work with. You will see this trend to go widespread. 

The AI itself has improved the lifestyle to whole new level. With integrated in the robots, the robotic industry will face revolution that will allow people to improve their business operations and life entirely. Not to forget that AI robots will show a low margin of error that will improve consistency and autonomy. Of course with these additional characteristics getting associated to the robotics, the robotic industry will see a prominent rise. 


Future Revolution

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The Bottom Line

As you read the above blog, you must have got the idea of the extent to which the technology is advancing. No doubt the artificial intelligence has thrown a significant impact on the robotic industry making it a more desirable facet of today. With its improving features in mobility, process optimization, sense and response, customer service and open-space robotics have made it possible for the people to enter a new world of automation where everything is serene and accomplished in a hassle-free manner.

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