7 Reasons to know Why People are Afraid of SEO


People generally think that Search Engine Optimization is difficult, complicated, challenging and intimidating because it is a foreign concept. Many marketers and business owners are scared of this strategy. Every year a lot of contents come which proclaim that “SEO is dead”. Most marketers are aware of the fact that when search engines came then after some time this strategy also came. Then what is the reason behind the people being scared of this strategy? Why is SEO more intimidating as compared to other strategies? Now I am going to give you 7 reasons why people are afraid of SEO.

It is a Complicated Process

We cannot consider search engine optimization as an easy process. Digital marketing evolves regularly. So, a particular strategy can be good at one instant and can be useless at the next instant. This strategy has some misinformation associated with it. You need to regularly read posts and follow blogs online if you are a newcomer. You can start by following some links that are useful:

  • Most followed SEO Experts and Search Engine Watch’s Editorial List
  • Unbounce and Conversion XL
  • MarketingProfs and Marketing Land
  • Ahrefs and Moz
  • The SEM Post and SEO Round Table

Just after a few months you can get so much knowledge of search engine optimization.

SEO is a Scam

Many business owners do not have so much knowledge about this strategy. As a result, several low-life scammers catch these business owners in their trap. Seeking guarantee of any type is a big red flag if you deal with an SEO firm. The algorithm updates of Google change regularly. If an agency gives you a guarantee that your site will get the top position in the search results then its aim is just to get your money. It is important to know that doing the search engine optimization is not cheap. Get enough knowledge of SEO and then move forward. You can get information about this strategy through hangouts and webinars that are the free resources.

The SEO Agency can Ruin my Business

n the organic search rankings of a website a havoc can be created if the agency makes bad decisions related to optimization. But this is the case when a business owner believes in the agency without checking if it is right or wrong. So, if you want to connect with the agency then always initiate with the baby steps.

It is a Costlier Strategy

The advantage of search engine optimization is that there is no need to take big steps but you can take time and initiate with small steps. It can be very expensive for you if you follow those marketing forms that are traditional. You need not to take it lightly if you take the decision of investing in SEO. Here your ROI that is data driven will be very strong.

I cannot Track all the Expenditure

It is basically a misbelief. Your website can get quantifiable traffic if for landing pages and lead generation you use various tools. It is possible to track traffic sources, keywords, clicks and impressions of your project irrespective of whether your project is small or big. You can get the details of your website in the form of a comprehensive snapshot in Google Analytics’ Dashboards. Suppose a number of people accessed your site then you can get the details of their engagement metrics and demographics with the help of custom analytics. In the future you can do optimization with the help of this key information.

It is a Wastage of Money to Create Content

Content creation comes under search engine optimization. You may be able to create the website traffic. But if you want the visitors to stay on the site then you need to create a valuable and high-quality content. For making the visitors stay on the website you need to give a reason to them. Otherwise, it will be useless to get the website traffic. Content is always the king. So, try to create unique content. It will attract the visitors towards your site.

I will not Get Quick Results

What number of months will SEO take to work properly? Sometimes it takes 4 months and sometimes takes 6 months. The outcome that you will get after 1 year will be better than that you will get after 6 months. You have to be consistent with your SEO strategy. It can take longer time for SEO to work properly.


In the beginning, search engine optimization appears as a difficult process. But as the time passes, it becomes easy for you to climb the mountain. If you will do SEO properly then you will get better ranking on SERPs and the people will notice you.

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