How to Backup Outlook 365 Emails? - Various Tips and Tricks

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Are you here to learn how to backup Outlook 365 emails? We have just what you need. Just like you, many users do not take a backup of their emails from O365 account – neither the end-user nor the administrator. It is important that you always have a backup so that if anything happens to your data, you do not have to worry and become all chaotic. Since there is a lot of crucial and sensitive information stored in Office 365, there are many risks for not having a backup. 

The emails are stored on cloud which means they are accessible by unauthorized people and hackers. You may accidentally delete the emails or messages may get corrupted or damaged due to improper closing of the account. In order to backup Office 365 emails, you can make use of the solutions that we are going to mention in the next segment.

Methods on How to Backup Outlook 365 Emails

There are not many useful ways to take a backup of emails in Office 365. There are two solutions to export emails for keeping them safe from the various threats that come along with storing data on cloud. 

You can save your emails and convert them to PST or to HTML. These methods are very risky as some of the times the email formatting and folder structure are not maintained. Moreover, there is a file size restriction in PST in older Outlook versions. 

There is another method which is a top-rated tool to take a backup of all the emails in Office 365. Let’s study in details about this tool.

Top-Rated Tool to Backup Office 365 Emails

The tool is an amazing solution and the most reliable source for getting a backup. This is the Office 365 Email Backup Software which can transfer entire mailboxes of multiple accounts. You can choose between category-based and date-based filters to convert selective emails. You do not have to worry about the backup situation as it is an easy-to-use software. It is also possible to take a backup of a single file or the entire mailbox including all the items like inbox, drafts, sent items, etc. 

How to Backup Outlook 365 Emails Using the Software?

Follow the steps to take a backup:

  • First of all, download the tool and launch it. And the hit the “Login” button.
Backup Outlook 365 Emails

  • Here, you have to enter the credentials for your Office 365 account and hit “Sign in”. 
Office 365 account

Note: Choose if you want to take back up of the emails or restore the emails. Here, we want to take backup so hit the “Office 365 Backup” radio button. 

Office 365 Backup

  • After that, choose the items you want to understand how to backup Outlook 365 emails Then, navigate to the destination location for your emails by clicking on the “Browse” button.
  • Once you have decided the location, select the file format you want your files to save as and apply filters. Then, hit the “Start” button and all your emails will be exported to your computer.

Just a few clicks and all your emails are exported to your local computer with no data loss or hindrances. 

Now, let’s get going to the manual solutions. 

Manual Methods to Backup Office 365 Emails

Solution 1 – Convert to PST

PST or Personal Storage Table is a file format which is used in Outlook to store data. It is necessary to have MS Outlook desktop to be downloaded in your local computer. 

  1. You have to first configure your Office 365 account on Outlook desktop app.
  2. After that you have to go to “File” and then click on “Import and Export”.
  3. You will see an “Import and Export Wizard” opening up.
  4. From the wizard, you have to choose “Export to a File”.
  5. Then you have to select “Outlook Data File” option to migrate mailbox content to a PST file.
  6. Keep in mind that the check box next to “Include Subfolders” is marked.
  7. At last, you have to hit “Finish” to start the process and resolve how to backup Outlook 365 emails.

Solution 2 – Convert to HTML

You can use this method to save multiple emails in HTML format. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to “Mail View” and select the mailbox folder containing the emails required.
  2. Now, click on the “File” option and hit “Save As”.
  3. A “File Explorer” window will appear from where you have to choose the destination path where you need to save the emails.
  4. After that, enter a name for the file and select HTML from the “Save As Type” drop-down.
  5. Then, click on the “Save” option. 
  6. Repeat these steps to save rest of the emails,

Warning: These methods are suitable for saving only a few emails.

Last Say

The backup Office 365 emails query is indeed the most searched query since the emails stored on the cloud are of immense importance. The manual methods that we have mentioned are useful but only for a few emails as there is a file size limitation in PST file format. And in the HTML file format, you can only transfer emails one by one. 

You can use the top-rated tool for taking a backup as it is a secure and reliable tool. Also, you can add as many files as you want, in fact, selective files backup is available. Make sure you choose the best solution to get a satisfying answer on how to backup Outlook 365 emails.


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