A Comprehensive Guide to Transfer Files from OneDrive to Another Account

OneDriveAre you looking for an easy solution to transfer files from OneDrive to another account in Office 365? Are you facing problems to transfer large OneDrive data using PowerShell scripts? If you are nodding your head for these two questions. Then, my friend your searches would end here. 

In this blog, we are providing a solution to perform this migration in a seamless manner without any hassle. Scroll down in this blog & get a productive solution to your queries.

OneDrive, which was earlier known as SkyDrive, is a cloud storage platform provided by Microsoft 365. OneDrive allows users to save and share, files and data in cloud storage. It synchronizes data on all the connected digital platforms i.e. cell phones, PCs, desktops, and tablets. Likewise, OneDrive for business is also cloud storage. It gives services to store, share and sync your work files to business organizations. 

Why do Users Need to Transfer Files from Onedrive to Another Account?

Due to the storage facility of OneDrive, a number of users need to store their important enterprise data on it. And in many cases, they need to migrate this data to another account. As having a large amount of enterprise data, it becomes a complex task. Now, let’s discuss the different ways to do the same.

What are the Ways to Move Files from OneDrive to Another Account?

There are two ways to carry out this transfer, either manually or using an automated professional utility. In this write up we will be discussing both ways, users can select according to their preferences. 

Manual approach: The manual approach is an easy process to move files from one account to another account. You just need to login to your old OneDrive account and download all files and folders to your local PC. And now log in to another OneDrive account and upload all the data to that account. 

But wait! What if you have thousands of OneDrive user accounts to migrate? Then, it would not be possible to perform the migration using conventional approach. If you have that much time to invest then you can use the manual method. Otherwise, you can speed up this migration by using automated professional software. 

Recommended Automated Approach: Experts recommend using a professional tool to carry out the migration of data in Office 365. As these are being the most important data for an enterprise, it is suggested to use tried and tested tool to migrate data from OneDrive to another OneDrive, a secure, reliable, and error-free software. This utility is the best match if you are planning to transfer large amount of OneDrive data to another account in Office 365 safely. It ensures 100% data security and integrity throughout the whole process. One can easily transfer data using this utility without any hassle.

Follow these Steps for Safe and Secure Data Migration

At first, download & install the software. After installation, run the software. Select Office 365 as the source and destination platform from the given options.

Secure Data Migration

Now, in order to transfer files from OneDrive to another account, you have to check the documents option and then enable migrate document permission & use the group mapping option. With this utility, you can move data selectively using date-based filter. Now click on the Next button.

transfer files from OneDrive to another account

Now, you have to log in with Office 365 Admin ID and Application ID. Then, validate permissions by clicking the validate button. Click Next

Office 365 Admin ID and Application ID

Following the last step Login with the destination Admin ID & Application ID. Validate it by clicking the validate button. Then click Next. 

Then click Next

Now you can create mapping by choosing any of these three options given on the screen: Fetch Users, Import Users, and Download Template.

Download Template

Once, mapping is created, click on the validate button for permission validation.

validate button

Now, you are all set to go. Just click on the start migration button. The migration will be started, and your files would be transferred from OneDrive to another account in Office 365.

OneDrive to another account in Office 365

Trial Version:

Do you want to try this utility for free? 

Then, you should go with the trial version of the utility. You can avail trial version after downloading this software. And, you can get complete information about this tool without paying anything. You can review, demonstrate and evaluate the working of this software. But the demo version has its own limitation, you can only migrate two OneDrive accounts. For bulk data migrations, users have to buy the license of the software.

Let’s Sum Up Everything

Performing this transition could be an easy task, if you follow the right approach. In this blog, we have talked about the easiest way possible to make this transfer feasible for everyone. 

Using the above mentioned tool, one can easily transfer OneDrive files from one account to another in a minimum span of time ensuring maximum data security.


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