How to Get More Followers to Your Instagram Account (That Actually Matters)

Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram is the hottest social media platform in the world at present, with over 1 billion users. Instagram is the second most popular network behind Facebook, and every user spends 53 minutes per day. Additionally, there are more than 25 million business profiles on Instagram, and 90% of people follow at least one business account on Instagram.


Instagram is a new way for brands to drive traffic to their website, growing followers, and build an engaged audience. To use Instagram effectively, you need to build strong Instagram followers.


The larger you grow your followers, the more opportunities you have to engage with your audience and enhance your business. Many people use shortcuts to buy followers to their account, but these tricks only boost your follower's count and won't help your Instagram marketing strategy.


Growing followers to your Instagram account is not easy, but you can use these strategies to gain more followers.

1. Create a Great Bio & Profile

One of the best ways to get more followers is by creating an attractive bio. By adding a bio, caption, images, and a proper username, people will love to see your profile.


Make use of 150 characters in your bio to share your brand identity and show your followers why they should you and what type of content they can expect from you, use emojis to make your bio more effective. An eye-catchy profile can help you to get more new followers to your account.


If you are a business account, you can add more details in your bio, like contact information, type of business, and location. Use all relevant fields to your business in your bio to give your new followers all the information about you.

2. Make Unique and Shareable Content

One of the great ways to reach more people is by creating authentic and shareable content. The power of authenticity on Instagram helps you to grow your followers massive. On Instagram, shared content is one of the huge ways to spread your brand message.


When you treat your followers like friends, they feel delighted to share your post with their own followers. If your content gets more engagement, it has a great chance to be placed on the explore page. Hereby anyone can see your content, and it will help you to grow your followers.


Engage with other user accounts, which will help your Instagram account show up in their suggestion list. With this, you may get many new followers to your account.

3. Use Instagram Reels

Reels is Instagram's latest video feature, and it takes center place in the main navigation bar. Reels allows the user to record 15-second video clips set to music on the Instagram library, and there are many effective ways to create reels for your business.


Sharing your Instagram reels on both your feeds and stories is an effective way to increase your followers and helps you to receive more Instagram reels likes to your videos. Reels are similar to TikTok, so making reels videos is the greatest chance to become viral.


Additionally, reels allow users to see reels videos from the most popular account instead of only seeing reels from the account they follow.

4. Post Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

If you want to get real followers to your account, you need to use Instagram stories. Half a billion people are using stories every day. Stories allow you to post high-quality photos and videos to your feed, which disappears after 42 hours.


You can use stories for your business, and there are 45% of people most watch stories from business accounts. You can also use Instagram stories to get high engagement and grow your followers.


Additionally, stories allow you to tag another account in your stories, and it is the best way to connect with other brands and help you build your target audience. You can also include hashtags, poll stickers, and location tags in your stories to boost your account and get more followers.

5. Create Branded Hashtags

Branded Hashtags

One of the most tried and effective ways to get followers on Instagram is via hashtags. Use your business-related hashtags to reach your target audience. You have to research which hashtag your audience is likely to check, analyze them and create hashtags accordingly.


Using hashtags is a great way to spread your brands worldwide, and it will help you attract new followers. You can create branded hashtags for your business, and it can be as simple as your brand name, company name, or tagline.


Understand your hashtag performance through Sprout Social, an Instagram hashtag analytics tool, and hereby you can check your best-performed hashtag and use that hashtag to get more new followers to your account.

6. Collaborate with Other Brands

The most popular way to grow your followers on Instagram is by collaborating or co-marketing with other brands. Important stats, 60% of people say they follow a business on Instagram after seeing it recommended by an influencer.


Choose the right kind of influencer for your brand because the perfect partner can only help you to get more audience. Brand by brand collaborations is an incredible way to increase your followers on Instagram.


Use content collaboration, story takeovers, and giveaways. These are fantastic ways to reach your audience quickly. Making collaboration with your industry-related people is the best way to build your Instagram followers.

7. Create Memes and Fun Content

Many people are creating fun and engaging posts to attract more followers. Instagram is a platform to create and share fun content. Having fun and consistent looks really helps people to know about your brand and gain more audience.


Another new way to reach more audiences by creating memes. It especially helps you to build your brand identity, and drive more product interest, and also helps to get more followers.


Nowadays, memes have become a popular method for online communication. Memes are posts that share from person to person on the internet, but memes reach the global level, helping you gain more audience.

8. Write Compelling Captions

Anyway, Instagram is a visual platform so writing great captions plays a big role and helps you get more engagement and reach. And you already know that reach and engagement are the key factors to attract more followers.


Captions are more than 125 characters. If the user is interested in reading the whole thing, they tap "more" to use the most effective words to inspire them to tap. You can use emojis in your captions to attract your audience.


You can ask a question in your caption, and this makes your followers leave a comment. This engagement will make your account visible to many people; with this, you can get many new followers to your Instagram account.


Instagram continues to grow in popularity with an audience. Growing your Instagram followers can look like a challenge, but if you follow the above strategies and techniques, you can get more followers on Instagram in 2021.

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