13 Easy Ways to Increase the YouTube Video Views

Ways to increase the YouTube video views
It's a perfect time to figure out your business among the audience. Now, your question is, "How to promote my business?" 


You can enhance your business using social media marketing such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you're a beginner in digital marketing, you will choose the best social media platform: YouTube. 


YouTube is the second most visited website in the digital world after Google. According to the stats, audiences are spending up to 6 hours per day on YouTube. Hence, many marketers want to promote their business using the YouTube platform. 


In this article, we have explained step-by-step how to improve your YouTube channel to expand your viewership. You must implement the steps when you're going to market your product on YouTube. 

1. Get More YouTube Views via Storytelling

YouTubers have an excellent ability to impress their audience in a great way. Enhancing the brand using storytelling will attract the viewers and get more engagement


You can understand that the effective way to keep an audience to your YouTube channel and engage them is more important than content. Hence, if you are genuinely passionate about content, it makes a compelling story that focuses on your video to keep the audience interested and entertained.

2. Get More YouTube Views by Optimizing Videos

If you want to get views instantly on YouTube, you need to optimize your video using effective keywords. 

Video Title: The total length of the title should be 60- 700 characters. Hence, you can add the content-related keywords at the beginning and customize your title effectively. 

Remember that YouTube titles should be effective and informative. 

Video Description: One of the major optimization parts is a description. The total length should be less than 5000 characters. Hence, you can explain your brand without hesitation. Adding keywords will help to increase your video presence. 

Video Tags: You can also include the tags which are related to your YouTube videos. Using tags will help to increase the video rank and popularity. 

3. Get More YouTube Views To Increase Subscriber Base

Focus on YouTube subscribers is a tremendous way to enhance your views to your channel. By impressing your audience and engaging them with your content, you can increase your subscribers to your channel. 


Producing quality content and following consistency will make your audience grow into your channel. If you increase the subscribers count to your channel, you will maximize your views automatically. Thus, focus on your channel subscribers and try to convert viewers into subscribers. 

4. Get More YouTube Views with Better Thumbnails

YouTube gives an excellent offer to customize thumbnails based on the content. Creating engaging & effective thumbnails is one of the perfect ways to boost the video content. Making and uploading content with unique custom thumbnails to all of the videos will increase the click-through rate(CTR). 


If your thumbnails attract viewers, they have high chances to click your videos. Once entered into your channel, they will watch your content, subscriber's growth, and much more. When you start to watch your videos, you will receive views for your videos. At last, you will gain more engagement on your YouTube videos

5. Get More YouTube Views To Transcribe Your Videos

YouTube is the global platform. Thus, everyone can access YouTube anywhere, including people from other languages too. But the main problem is language, and everyone does not know all languages. So, YouTube provides an excellent offer to transcribe your videos.


It helps more audiences who struggle with language barriers and especially for the disabled. If you are scheduling your video in other international markets, you can do it by using this option. YouTube allows for closed captions 9CC), where a transcript is included as subtitles to a video. 

6. Get More YouTube Views When Posting at the Best Time

What is the best time? 


When the viewers mostly spend time on YouTube, that's called the best time. According to the study, the target audience is watching more videos at the best times. 


Hence, we would suggest posting the video at the following times. It helps you get more views, and people can discover your videos, resulting in more views. 


Here is the best time to post on YouTube:

  • Monday to Wednesday - 2 PM to 4 PM
  • Thursday & Friday - 12 PM to 3 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday - 9 AM to 11AM 

7. Get More YouTube Views by adding Playlists

Create playlists for your categorized content which helps to watch your video continuously. After the first video ends, your other videos will play automatically to get views for played videos without them having to navigate anywhere. 


You can add playlists and post them on your YouTube channel, or others have shared them to increase the more views for every playlist. 


For instance, if your videos are related to education, you will create a new playlist and add them. 

8. Get More YouTube Views using End Screens

End screens are a valuable tool that can help increase your YouTube watch time on your channel by directing the audience to move into the next at the end of your videos. It can be added to the last 5-20 sec of a video. You can use them for marketing other videos, uplift your audience to subscribe to your channel, and much more.


Note: If you want to use the end screens, your video must be 25 seconds long. At the end of the video, you can use the end screen. 

9. Get More YouTube Views Using Cards

YouTube cards are similar to the end screen. It is one of the important elements which can be added to YouTube videos such as websites, promote videos, merchandise, playlists, or channels. The ultimate benefit of using cards is using minimalist layouts that are easy for mobile users and interact with.


YouTube recommends that you can include cards in the last 20% of your video.


10. Get More YouTube Views To Work with Others

The ultimate goal of every marketer is to increase views of their channel. They work hard but never do smart work. 


If you're a YouTube creator? If you want to make more views for your channel? You have to work with other YouTubers (who are familiar with this field)—working with others helps increase your channel growth and easily get fame. Posting your video with their channel will effectively reach your brand. 

11. Get More YouTube Views From Channel Trailer

Creating curiosity is one of the most excellent strategies to boost your views on your channel. So, making trailers and releasing them on your channel is the best way to prompt new viewers to subscribe to your channel. There are no duration limits to post the trailer, but publishing short and crisp content will attract the viewers. 


While creating a trailer, keep in mind the below points:


  • Your Introduction part should be interesting
  • End with a CTA
  • Optimize your YouTube branding by carefully choosing the background colors and fonts

12. Get More YouTube Views From Posting Consistency

Keeping consistency is the key to success. If you post the content frequently, you can get more views of your videos. Posting content once a week or twice helps to determine your brand easily. 


If you're a full-time YouTuber, post the content daily. Keep in mind that content must not be outdated. Publishing current trends and informative videos will help to grab the audience to your channel. 

13. Get More YouTube Views with YouTube search ads

If you are ready to spend money to establish your brand, you can move to YouTube ads. It is a fantastic way to get more views of your YouTube videos. 


Make the promotion about your brand, which helps reach your brand and get fame easily in the competitive world. When your video ads appear on the screen, you will get more engagement and growth about your brand. 


Using YouTube analytics will help track the video performance, and you can see the live status. 

Author Bio: Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working in PixelGroovy. She is a regular contributor to well-established IOT blogs and she has been into Internet Marketing for two years. Also, you can find me on Twitter.com

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