Top Android Frameworks to Reinforce Your Mobile Development in 2021

Android Frameworks

Android is one of the widely used mobile operating systems on which billions of apps are downloaded. On this, it is easy to build up customized apps that are popular these days. The apps dominating the smartphone OS are suitable to go with tablets, PCs, home appliances, and others. Owing to this, as Android can be customized to a great extent, developers are planning to build new apps on the Android framework. As a result of this, different Android development tools have come into being for effective app development in the market. To pick the proper app framework, some of the popular options for Android are enlisted below:     

React Native 

This mobile app development is an easy solution for an app running on JavaScript. The application is an open-source app developing framework from Facebook that is compatible with iOS and Android versions. Its seamless function with the use of this latest framework makes it a suitable one to use. The fast and ease of its deploying method are one of the reasons to choose it over others.  

The commonly used apps like Instagram, Amazon Prime, Skype are running on React Native. One of the app's prominent features is its reusable components, flawless performance, and ease of integration with other plugins. 


Another excellent choice for mobile app development is flutter which can be used for its excellent visual graphics. This makes it suitable to be used in high-end games. Moreover, the material design, intuitive widgets, and the animation part make it an interactive app that users can use for an enhanced experience.

Unlike the previous models clicking on fonts, changing the fonts, scrolling, and navigating on the app is seamless. The codes are also available in dart language that implies their use for other tasks other than setting up the mobile app development. You can add up Google account details on flutter, which adds to the credibility of the framework. 


This is another effective cross-app development app that is supportive of iOS and Android OS. It requires less code due to C language, which makes the coding procedure easy across platforms like Mac OS and Windows.  The fast development of apps does not compromise on the performance, and the app's interface makes it a suitable one to use. Therefore, the recent integration of Xamarin with Microsoft visual studio makes it a suitable option to develop apps with increased efficiency and control of the latest features. Also, the native feel and look of the app make it suitable to be used by users without much technical knowledge. 


The Framework7 enables the developer to create apps that are compatible with different iOS and Android platforms with an easy-to-use interface. This open-source app is easy to learn and use.  With suitable knowledge in computer language, it would be easy to develop framework7. Besides, it gives support for React, Svelte, Vue.js, and others. The interactive feature coupled with the UI elements makes it suitable to work on. Some of the additional features like action sheet, layout grid, popup, side panel, and the like make it stand out from the rest and a convenient option to pick.     


JQuery is an HTML-based mobile app framework with an interactive interface to work on with easy-to-use features. It has a responsive website and compatible with working on desktop, tablet, and smartphones. The setup is suitable to work with various operating systems like Mac OS, Windows, Kindle, and the like options. This powerful app development theme comes with additional plugins such as pop-up boxes, content sliders, image sliders, and the like. It is lightweight and simple to use.     


This is one of the commonly used mobile app developing frameworks that is famous among app developers. This free platform makes use of the latest computer language that helps develop web, native and hybrid apps used. This platform is perfect for developing high-end apps based mostly on HTML5 technology, making it easy to use. The ease of design, performance, and other features boost its functions and make it compatible across devices. Therefore, this is one of the best cross-platform app development.   

Sencha Ext JS

This is a JavaScript framework on which mobile and web applications can be built. It is perfect for building a data-intensive app, and it is mainly a mobile-based app to work with. The well-integrated UI components on the framework make it perfect for building up the app. Some of the components are HTML5, grids, trees, D3 adapter, and others. The flexible layout helps get information on different browse, the size, and the compatibility of the device.     

Onsen UI 

The Onsen UI is a powerful tool to create complex apps compatible with a mobile device. The language it uses is CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and others. It gives an optimized performance with the updated use of fine-tuned animation to be compatible with a different mobile device. It maintains the comfort and native look that comes with iOS and Android works on automatic styling with the UI components. This indicates that it will change its appearance depending on the platform on which it is deployed. The rich set of UI components includes stack navigation, forms, and others.   


One of the interesting facts about this development framework is that it can be reused to make other hybrid forms of apps. This is mainly built on CSS, HTML, Javascript, and others. It requires a single codebase to make different platforms to help reach out to the potential audience of the app. Moreover, it comes with a lot of plugins and doesn’t like the command line to develop it.  

The Final Thoughts     

Therefore, the development framework is essential driving software that helps in building mobile or web apps. As app development requirements vary from project to project, they should be compatible with the app developing framework. The app-building developer's team should have a suitable idea of picking the right platform that makes app developing tasks an easy-going one. Therefore, the development platform should enhance mobile app development. So, the developers’ team should take time to explore the latest frameworks before they pick one for app development only after checking its specifications and parameters. 


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