6 Organic Instagram Growth Strategies That Brands Need To Know

Instagram Reach

Instagram Algorithm - These two words have much power and can stimulate much confusion. Everyone wants to know how to outsmart the algorithm to become Instagram famous or reach more people. Fact is, the one and the only way to survive and outsmart the Instagram algorithm is to understand it. Examine how it operates and what factors influence it. And then move forward to craft content that matches these criteria. Sounds simple, right, but it is not as easy as it looks. Therefore, we have developed this article to know six growth strategies to boost your Instagram reach.

Six Tips to Boost Instagram Reach

1. Find the Ideal Time to Post

Many factors affect the working of the Instagram algorithm. One main factor is Timeliness. While selecting the content to showcase to your audience and beyond, the algorithm indeed considers the time you posted it.


The ideal time to post on Instagram is the audience's most active time. It gives the perfect opportunity for your content to get seen by many people and gain engagement. Of course, the ideal time varies from profile to profile.


Look into your ideal time to post Insights to learn when your followers are most active on the platform. Maybe at 8 AM on Monday or midday on a Tuesday - keep your content ready for your followers to post them at prime time to increase your reach.

2. Reset the Content Fatigue

When there is a similar style and type of content in the home feed, we may glaze over it; we don't pay attention and start scrolling. We scroll down until something attracts our eyes.

Consider modifying your posts if they all appear similar to captivate the audience. It catches their attention, thereby getting automatic Instagram likes for your posts and increasing engagement rates. The same applies to any content on the platform that you craft regularly. And, if you want to post pictures, you have multiple options to experiment with, like carousels, reels, videos, and more.

3. Concentrate on Content That Performs Well

Understanding your followers' interests and creating content accordingly is an effective way to build your reach. Analyze your content and determine the high-performing posts, reels, and stories, etc. Question yourself:

  • What is the best topic that resonates with your followers?
  • Whether one format performs better than others?
  • Do lengthy captions bring in more audience?

Concentrate on the content that performs well and produce more of that kind. The Instagram algorithm observes how frequently the followers engage with the content; it considers it a positive signal that the content is relevant and exciting. That means the people who don't follow you will also find it appropriate to them. Therefore, the algorithm also starts to showcase your content to them, which leads to an increase in your reach.

4. Alter your Posting Frequency

How frequently you post content on Instagram could have a significant impact on your reach. Analyze your existing posting frequency. Suppose you post two times in a day that has little effect on the reach, then consider posting once in a day, it might look counterintuitive, but at times less is more than enough.


When you have the pressure to post consistently on Instagram, it may decline the quality of the content. And if this scenario takes place, then it would affect the audience engagement with your content. As a result, if the engagement drops off, the reach also goes down.


Postless content and utilize the time to craft attractive and engaging content. It is always good to post one quality content rather than several low-quality ones. That way, you would attain excellent results.

5. Examine your Hashtags

Using the same hashtags for every post may seem effortless, but it does harm more than do good. By this, you may risk becoming invisible to the algorithm, as it could think that you spam the system with similar hashtags every time. Apart from that, using the same old hashtags helps reach only the same audiences every time. 


A well-planned hashtags strategy would help you get the best out of every content you post. Invest your time in discovering relevant hashtags for every content. Varied hashtags reach different audiences, and therefore build your reach.


Besides, try to use small hashtags, and less often used than hashtags with hundreds and thousands of posts. That way, you could reach your target audience easily and quickly. So think wisely.

6. Post Saveable and Shareable Content

Likes and comments are always an integral part of the Instagram engagement. Also, in recent years, saves and shares are becoming a big part of the Instagram engagement. These criteria are a positive signal to the Instagram algorithm that the content resonates with the audience. That means they like it and consider it intriguing enough to share it with others or even keep it for future reference. Can there be a more eloquent tribute to your work? We believe not.


Therefore, how to make people save or share your content more? Of course, craft content such that it is relatable and saveable. That needs understanding the audience and for what content they will respond to. Post informational and helpful content relevant to your brand; carousels and reels are the fastest way to do so on the platform. The higher your followers save and share your content, the higher Instagram showcases your content to the audience.


Provided the information above, it is now time to examine the data and draw insights from them. By maintaining records and continuously analyzing the data, you could see what works for you and what doesn't. This information also helps you to measure the achievement or failure of the content you share on Instagram. 


The opportunities are boundless. It is your task to examine, learn, experiment, and implement your content. Most of the businesses on the platform want to showcase their content to as many audiences as possible. Reach is the perfect way to identify how to achieve that goal.


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