Amazon Advertising Optimization: Best to Enhance your Product Visibility

Amazon Advertising Optimization

Amazon PPC marketing proves a boom in the current commercial promotion strategies. Whether we are talking about product display ads or Pay Per Click ads, Amazon advertising optimization is the best solution to help you reach and engage potential customers.


This Ad solution is not restricted to only one or two business groups. In fact, it is available to businesses of all sizes and accessible to marketers of every level of expertise.


Several Ad Formats

Creating an only Amazon account is not the solution. Instead, you have to leverage your store with Amazon advertising campaigns to get the best out of your investment.


Here, we have enlisted three types of Amazon Ad Formats:

  1. Amazon Sponsored Products Ads, 
  2. Amazon Headline Search Ads, and, 
  3. Amazon Product Ads are also known as "Product Display Ads."


Let's discuss all of them in detail:

1. Amazon Sponsored Products Ads

Such ads are used to promote particular products and relevant pages in shopping results. When anyone clicks an ad, they are directed to the corresponding product page.


The main objective of such promotions is to increase sales and attract more and more traffic to specific product pages. These ads are available to professional sellers and vendors. 


One of the best things about Sponsored Product Ads is that they blend fantastically with the rest of the listings, helping the customers realize that the product is at the top of search results because of its usefulness and popularity rather than just being a paid advertisement. 


Basically, sponsored advertisements are triggered by keywords that promoters can select to target manually or automatically. 

You can see these ads on the top, bottom, or right rail of the search results. As these are the paid ads. So how can we forget to mention the budget? 


It is a pay-per-click model like Google search ads. The lowest budget to start these promotions is just $1 per day, and advertisers get charged for every click.



There are not many eligibility requirements. All you have is a professional seller account, sell new rather than used products, and be able to ship to all U.S. addresses; that's it.


2. Amazon Headline Search Ads

Another type of ad format offered by Amazon is "Amazon Headline Search ads," also known as Sponsored brand ads. This ad campaign allows sellers to increase their sales as well as promote their brand on Amazon. Amazon headline search ads work on CPC (cost per click) basis and are more effective than sponsored product ads as these are placed on the top of the customer search result page. 


Many sellers often get confused between headline search ads and product-sponsored ads for Amazon because of a lot of similarities between them. However, there is also some difference between these two ad campaigns; first, sponsored product ads are placed on the top, bottom, or right section of the product listing, while headline search ads always reflect on the entire top of the search result page. 


Secondly, the brand logo is featured in headline search ads with a custom message, which is not available with Amazon-sponsored product ads. Also, three distinct products are shown in the sponsored brand ads, and when viewers click on any product, they will be directed to the detailed page of the brand, which is also known as a product store.



To create headline search ads, you must have a professional seller account as well as a registered brand. In addition to this, you must have at least three products to sell that should come in any of the specified Amazon categories.


To make your ad campaign more effective, it is vital to choose the right keywords, optimize headline language, use the renowned Amazon PPC tools and run some A/B tests. 


3. Amazon Product Ads

Amazon products are also known as product display ads and are the most advanced type of advertising offered by Amazon. It allows you to target and re-target the buyers both on-site and off-site. Put simply; Amazon will display your brand's ads on its own site as well as on external websites. 



Amazon product ads services are available to all professional sellers enrolled in the Amazon brand registry. However, to build this ad campaign, vendors' products must qualify for Amazon's eligible categories. 


To get better results, organize and structure your ad campaign effectively and track your campaign performance constantly. You can also use popular Amazon PPC Tools like Helium10, Scale Insights, and Ad badger to craft and manage the campaign in the best possible way. 


The Bottom Line

Hope you find the above information helpful and will optimize your Amazon advertising campaigns as per the given tips. 


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