Techniques to Convert MSG to PDF File with Attachments

convert MSG to PDF

Do you have a chunk of MSG files and are eager to save them as PDF documents? Through this guide, you will get all the possible reasons to convert MSG to PDF with attachments. So, before moving to the solution, let’s know more about these two file formats.


MSG is a file format provided by Microsoft Outlook and Exchange to store emails, attachments, calendars, contacts, and other items. It contains all the information about them that includes an attachment to an email file.


On the other hand, PDF is a Portable Document File designed by Adobe to target two things. The first thing is that users can open the documents on any operating device. The second is wherever you open the PDF document layout should display the same.


However, users must be aware of the need for conversion of MSG to PDF format.


Why Need to Convert MSG to PDF?

Sometimes, it’s difficult for the user to convert one email format into another. So it becomes necessary for the user to know why it is necessary to change MSG file to PDF.

  • Compatibility: PDF is a format used for viewing and printing files on any device. It allows the exchange of messages files maintaining the original formatting, attachments, and pictures.
  • Independent platform: PDF documents can be viewed in any document. A user of any latest electronic device can open, read, and print MSG in PDF format.
  • Protection: You can protect your PDF data by setting a password and E-signature for individual PDF files after MSG conversion.
  • Judicial requirement: If you need to present your documents in a legal format, then PDF is the best way. Therefore, After conversion from MSG to PDF format, you cannot alter the data.

The above points are a few reasons behind the conversion of MSG files into PDF format. Now, let’s move to the process to convert MSG to PDF format.

How to Export MSG to PDF Manually?

Here, you can perform several methods by which you can easily convert MSG to PDF with attachments. It can do Manually and Professionally. For answering your queries, we have mentioned the methods below.

  1. Using the Print Command Save MSG as PDF
  2. Convert MSG to PDF using Microsoft Outlook

1. Using the Print Command Save MSG as PDF

This method allows users to directly print their MSG files to PDF format. Perform the below steps to print instantly.

  • Open your Microsoft Outlook MSG file and press the CTRL+P button to open the print dialog window. 
Microsoft Outlook MSG file

  • After that, click on the Microsoft print as a printer, then tap on the print option.

Microsoft print

  • A pop-up box will display, choose Microsoft Print to PDF in front of names, and hit the print button.

Microsoft Print to PDF

  • Now, save the PDF file to the desired location and press the Save button.
Save the PDF file

2. Convert MSG to PDF using Microsoft Outlook

Follow the below steps to turn or change MSG to PDF format effectively.

  • Firstly, select the MSG file and open it with Microsoft Outlook.
  • After that, go to the File menu options of Outlook.
  • Then, tap on Save as an option.
  • Now, save the file on the desired path in HTML format.
  • Open the saved HTML file with MS word.
  • After that, again, go to the File menu option.
  • Press the save as an option.
  • At last, choose the desired location to save the file and save it in PDF format

Limitations of Above Manual Methods

However, there is no doubt that the described method is easy to use. But there are some limitations of this method. Therefore, users change their decisions to opt for the Manual method.

  • It can only convert a limited number of emails, not in bulk.
  • The process can be time-consuming and requires technical expertise.
  • There is a chance of data loss while converting MSG to PDF format.
  • There is no possible way to check the status of MSG emails that are saved in PDF format. 

As the Manual method has some drawbacks, the only solution left is a    professional approach.

 Convert MSG to PDF with Attachments

It is authenticated and one of the best software tools to convert MSG to PDF with attachments. The tool is in-built with an advanced algorithm that converts the MSG file instantly. Furthermore, You can download and try the free demo version to understand the complete conversion process.


Here, In this guide, we have described the need to convert MSG to PDF format. Also, we have described the conversion techniques. However, there are some limitations of the manual methods, due to which we recommend you download MSG Converter. You can install and try the free demo version, and if it fulfills your requirements, you can buy it.


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