How Much Does it Cost to Build an Android App?

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Businesses are adopting the new technologies to stay relevant in the market and also take their targets forward. The demand for Android apps has increased drastically in recent years among consumers. It is leading the industries to build favorable Android apps to reach out to customers for communication. Reach out to an Android app developer so as to get highly productive mobile apps


The data shows that Android app downloads have reached an all-time high of over 115 billion over the last year. Statista is saying that there be around 187 billion app downloads through the Google Play Store by 2025. The major chunk in it will be of Android apps and thus businesses are turning to the option for more reach out. Take the help of professional app developers so as to build an Android app that supports your business need. 


Are you looking to attract higher ROI through an Android app? It is vital to analyze the cost of app development and thus get the desired results out of it. Taking the right call on the app development team will also determine the overall cost of an app. We will try to analyze the different price rates across the world and also the factors contributing to the price decision. 

Cost of Android App Development Worldwide

Businesses always look towards the financial aspects of the Android app development before the startup. Mostly it depends on ‘development time’ x ‘hourly rate’. The average cost to build a simple app in the United States can be anything between $35,000 to $90,000. But, you need $91,550 to $211,000 so as to build complex Android apps. 


North America (the US and Canada) is one of the most expensive regions. The hourly rates for Android app development vary from $50 to $150. In the South American Region, the price of app development is from $22 to $55 per hour. 


The UK developers tend to charge around $71 per hour and the Eastern European developers start from $25 per hour. 


You need to pay around $25 per hour in India so as to develop an Android app and in Indonesia, it starts from $35 per hour. 


A basic app with normal functions requires approximately 500-800 development hours. The complex apps can need anything around 6 to 8 months so as to get the apps working efficiently. You need to analyze the factors contributing to the development of an Android app to be able to final down on the cost. Take the help of an Android app developer to get all details related to the app development. 

Factors that Determine Android App Development

Android App Size 

One of the primary factors that will affect the cost of app development is its overall size. As the size of the app becomes larger, you need more resources in building the app. You need to have an experienced team so as to handle all the aspects to analyze the size of the app. 

Online vs Offline 

You’re mistaken in thinking that only the online apps have value in the market and not the offline apps. Creating an online Android app attracts more development time and thus results in more development costs. But, in contrast, the creation of an offline Android app is way cheaper than the rest. Think about the requirements so as to make the right decision related to development requirements. 

Complexity of Features 

The cost of the app increases with the increased number of complexities within it! Businesses often need complexity in their apps and thus need to build relevant-sized apps. With the increase of complexity of apps, the cost of development also increases. You need more resources so as to create complex apps and build a full-stack scalable Android app. 

Type of App

The cost of the Android app also gets determined by the kind of Android platform you choose. There are three basic choices namely – Native, Cross-Platform, and Progressive Web Apps. Make sure you understand the functionalities of all these platforms before selecting a relevant one. The cost of development varies as per the platform and also the functionalities added to it. Reach out to an expert so as to get the right advice on cost analysis. 


Hopefully, the above-given information has cleared some of your confusion related to Android app development costs. Be better prepared to tackle the cost of development and for this, you need the help of app experts. Reach out to an experienced app development company so as to get the right ideas for Android app development. Match the requirements of the business app with the availability of resources to get to the final cost of development. You are always in control of the Android app development cost if you reach out to reputed institutions for help.


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