8 causes of broken water heaters and how to fix them?

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Are you aware that in the USA, almost every home owns a water heater? If not, you must be because the importance of hot water is known only to that person who has taken a cold shower in the winter season. Unlike other electrical appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, etc. water heaters in the home is an essential item these days.


This appliance offers warm water to the homeowners for various purposes like laundry, washing dishes, washing hands, etc. Since homes are using water heaters on a daily basis, especially in the winter season, it is usually they may face some issues at one time. Many water heaters function correctly over ten years, and some may experience problems quickly, which you must address soon; otherwise, it will cost even more than replacement. 


Apart from that, it can also harm your property and you also. So, if you have a hot water heater in your home, this post will make you aware of some of the common issues of water heaters and how to repair them?


Let’s get started….

Water heater takes a long time to produce warm water

Well, the water heater should not take longer than a couple of minutes to produce hot water once the water tank gets empty. However, if you are noticing that it is taking an hour or more to receive water, then the water heater is an indicator of a contaminated burner orifice. 


On the other hand, a low supply of hot water can also be fixed by increasing the gas pressure on the water heater. 


Changing Water Temperatures

It seems like a joke that some of the showers have two temperatures that are scolding hot and ice cold. If you face this problem with your water heater, it is the symptom of a bigger problem. 


if you notice a temperature change when you shower or while doing dishes, you have to check the thermostat on the other side of the water heater. Make sure the thermostat is set according to the desired temperature.


However, suppose still there is a drastic temperature change. In that case, you should call the best technician  for repair & replace water heater  Riverside  to  the thermostat or the heating unit inside the water heater.


Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is mainly due to the malfunctioning of the water heater. That means if you live in your old home with a smaller water piper, the flow of water is restricted before reaching the kitchen or bathroom. The best solution to this problem is to replace water pipes with ¾ inch water lines connected to the water heater. 


Moreover, due to the deposit of calcium water, pipes may offer low water. When both magnesium and calcium start forming the water heater piper, the diameter of the water pipe becomes smaller. Because of this, there is no adequate water supply from the water heater to other areas like sinks or appliances. 


Leakage in the Water Heater

If your home water heater is leaking, it can cause severe water damage to the floor and various electrical components near the water heater. So, before you inspect this issue, it is recommended to turn off the gas or electricity. 


However, in some cases, this leakage problem can be solved by tightening screw and pipe connections, as these are some of the common causes of minor leakage. But if you notice high leakage at the base of the heater, you want a water heater repair San Diego technician to replace it.


Rumbling Sounds

Rumbling sounds from the water heater are one of the serious water heater problems. Rumbling sounds always come from burning sediments or malfunctioning heating components of the water heater. However, if you notice that your home water heater is boiling, immediately turn it off. 


Actually, this sign is of building pressure in the water heater tank, which can happen when it explodes. However, you can solve this issue by draining the water heater tank and also clearing out sediments.  If still, this problem persists, you want water heater repair in San Diego.


No Pilot Light

If you talk about gas water heaters, they require a pilot light to ignite the gas because water gets warm. If you notice that the water heater pilot light is out, try again to ignite it by switching the i  Ignitor switch. If the problem still persists, then it is the symptom of a bigger problem. 


But before calling a technician, try cleaning it; sometimes, dirt may build up and snuff out the spark. However, this problem can also cause various other issues like broken gas, malfunctioning thermostat, etc. 


The Bottom Line

I hope this post helped you to figure out various water heater problems. But apart from all the above issues, there are many which you cannot fix yourself, or it depends upon one model to another. So, if you are confused about where I should start, don't take any risk. Call the best water heater repair Riverside to make the water heater work.



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