10 Powerful Email Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Email Marketing

Since the Internet is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds, common people have started using it as a marketing tool to promote or market their products. Everyone is familiar with the word “Online / Internet Marketing”. In Online Marketing, customers or companies promote their brand name, products or services to prospective

Email marketing companies are using different methods of Online Marketing Services. The various methods are:
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Advertising Display
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Email Marketing: The first two questions that arise on hearing this word are:
  • What are Emails? 
  • How do you market your products on Emails?
Mostly all would be aware that emails i.e. electronic mails are generally used to send or receive messages. They are used for the personal or professional purpose to convey a message.

Mostly all would be aware that emails i.e. electronic mails are generally used to send or receive messages. They are used for the personal or professional purpose to convey a message. 

Email marketing as you simply define it, is the promotion of products or services of any firm, through emails. Large companies always love to develop a strong, long lasting relationship with their prospective clients. So, they simply use email marketing as a tool to be in touch with them. 

And if you have any doubts in your mind, as to whether email marketing works good for firms or not, the answer is undoubtedly a big “Yes”. It works, and it works very well if it is used in a proper way. 
As per the above image, you can very easily see the ROI per $1. Email marketing gives a whopping 40% returns on your income, which is the highest amongst all marketing types. It is so powerful, that not only it helps to generate leads; it also converts subscribers and inquirers into customers. 

Let’s have a view of the best ways to make email marketing success.

1. Interpret your Customers

There is a saying, “Customer is a king”. The first and foremost step for boosting up sales is to read your customer’s mind and understand his demands.

Once you have understood these two things, only then you will be able to send them relevant emails, which would interest them instantly and turn them on to your products.

A proper way of conveying a message is very important. Segment your email into small, targeted groups to ensure that your email is noticed and not ignored or treated as spam.

2. Consistency is the Key

Regularity and Consistency are the key factors, which make a deep impression in the customer’s mind. The long-time gap between two emails, e.g. a month or more after sending another email can make a customer forget you. There is a high possibility, that the customer would be uninterested in opening your email and probably may unsubscribe. Basic rules are:
  • Send emails on a regular basis
  • Keep the client’s updated about your new products
  • Take into consideration their feedbacks and ask for suggestions
  • Re-send the email after 3-4 days if unread
In this way, you see a good result in a short time, as compared to your competitors. 

3. Personalized Professional Approach

A personalized touch to any professional approach always helps in a long way in maintaining business relationships. Clients, who relate to you on social media, will always appreciate personalized messages.

If your email is sent by addressing the name of the recipient, it’s more to be liked, rather than simple ones. As per the study, welcome emails have a read rate of 64% approximately which is the highest.

The picture below specifies the same. 

Professional Approach
Even communication on a one-to-one basis for suggestions, recommendations or any query solving will help increase your sales.

4. Choose the Appropriate Email Marketing Agency and Tools

There are many email marketing agencies available in the market. For e.g. Octane.in, Mail marketer, Mail Get Bolt, Kenscio, Juvlon, Vibe mail, Crux Mailer, etc.

Different agencies specialize in providing different email marketing services like SMS and Web marketing, Bulk Email provider facility, Email tracking, List Cleaning, Email Personalisation facility, Marketing Automation, Email Designing, etc.
  • Tools like MailChimp helps to streamline your email marketing campaign while Constant Contact tool comes with a money back guarantee. 
  • Tools like Vertical Response emphasize on analytics, whereas Campaign Monitor helps to monitor email marketing campaigns. 
  • Email marketing services provided by Octane.in are Integrated Marketing, Performance Marketing, Agile Marketing Technology, Multi-Chanel Email provider apart from Email and SMS Marketing.
  • Mail Marketer is very Budget friendly and well known for its Bulk Email Service Provider and Flexible Reseller Plans.
Once your email marketing strategy and your preferences are clear, select the appropriate services needed for marketing.

5. Attractive Subject Line

Since clients receive ample emails during the whole day, it becomes difficult for them to open and read each mail due to time and work restrictions. Even before opening the email, the recipient of the email will be able to only view the two main things.
  • The Name from where the email is received
  • The Subject of the email
Write an attractive subject so that the customer loves to open your email rather than sending it to spam mail.

A few tips for Subject Lines:

Create your own natural subject line: Connect with your client emotionally, so that they love your emails. They feel the subject is created rather than copied or attached from elsewhere.

Keep it short and to the point: Short subjects have a more email opening ratio than the lengthy ones. A long sentence in the subject becomes difficult to read when a user is accessing email from their mobile.

Attractive Line attracts Attention: An attractive line or phrase has higher chances of a click rate than a boring subject line.

Ask a question: Even a subject line in the form of a question attracts clients. For e.g. Hi [name], do you love your new (brand) perfume?

Short + Simple + Meaningful + Attractive+ Creative = Strong Subject Line.

6. To the Point Quality Content

Time is money. In this fast-paced work environment, people rarely have time to check emails. So, Email Content plays a pivotal role in attracting customers.

Bifurcate your content into small paragraphs rather than one single large one.
Go for bullet points or numbered points to highlight information.

Put relevant images for better understanding.

Make the content of the email mobile friendly

As per the report, approximately 66% of the emails are opened on smartphones or tabs. Have a view at the image below which clearly specifies the same.

Quality Content
Emails sent as described above will help increase CTR (Click through Rate) as well as traffic on your website.

7. A/B Testing Important

A/B Testing Important

A/B testing or Split Testing helps you to survey the best version for email marketing and hence is very essential for your business.

The question is how to do A/B testing? How to create different versions?

You can split your email by these common elements:
  • From line
  • Name
  • Subject line
  • Email link
  • Content
For e.g. Prepare 2 versions for email campaigns and send the 1st version to 50% of the targeted audience and the 2nd version to the remaining audience.

In this way, you can analyze which version carries the maximum% in terms of likes, clicks, open email. In the above picture, version B has more clicks and it would be more beneficial for email marketing.

MailChimp A/B Split Campaign Tool and Aweber both are classic tools for A/B testing.

MailChimp A/B testing tool is officially called "A/B Split Campaign", is very convenient and friendly to use.

Aweber can easily add contacts via WordPress, PayPal and even on Facebook. Create a list of more than 100 contacts and use this tool to start A/B testing your communications. It is also called "Broadcast Split Tests." Minimum 100 contacts are required to get the best results.

8. Professional Email Address

Email address ending with Gmail or Yahoo or any other common platform will make your email common amongst other marketing emails. Some of them are spams also.

So, it is preferred that you use a professional email id like (your_name@firmname.com).

This will show your company’s name and increase the chances of opening emails and viewing content, thus increasing company reputation and business.

9. HTML Text vs Plain Text

HTML text: HyperText Markup Language (HTML). It’s a code. HTML emails are nicely formatted and decorated with images. They are numbered or bulleted too.

Plain text: They are simple words on a page. It’s not a code. Plain text emails are very basic and written in simple language. They don’t have highlights, italics, bold, formatting text or images/visuals.

A survey was done with many email marketers, asking them only one question.

“Which email do you prefer sending? HTML emails or Plain emails?”

Both types are produced in their own way. They attract the audience, they enable them to view, click and read. But the question still is unanswered.

Which is better? Which is more liked?

As per research, the below image shows that 62% of the marketers love a mixed combination. I.e. HTML + Plain text.

email marketing
  • Design preference (HTML)
  • Plain text
  • Hybrid of both

10.  B2B Email Marketing

B2B Email Marketing is an excellent strategy every email marketing company should adopt. B2B means Business-to-Business.

B2B involves the exchange of products, services or any other business information between two companies. Since another company’s business is also involved in B2B, the focus on marketing initiatives will be on monetary gains and resources involved.

As per Salesforce.com, if you are alone, to market your product is a challenge, but if you are combined with a good B2B campaign the outcome would be great.

B2B Email Marketing
As per stats on email marketing, it is found that, 

91% of B2B marketers believe that email marketing is successful in achieving important objects.

B2B marketers
The most important objects like conversions, Click-throughs and ROI are the most useful metrics for email marketing.


Meaningful call-to-action, message personalization both are most effective email marketing practice.


Emails are the most successful marketing mediums in today’s world. If Email Marketing is done taking into consideration these basic tips, then it helps generate even more sales. The email marketing company is believed the most influential medium to produce leads and conversions in a social media age and no one can deny email marketing in this digital world.

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