How will HRMS software make 'Work from Home' a cakewalk?

The coronavirus epidemic has made it a necessity for companies to adopt remote working. Almost 99% of the employees are now working from home, on their companies’ order. But, are the companies themselves ready for the situation? 

During work from home, activities like payroll for entire work population, attendance tracking, employee tracking, daily work reports, etc. become major challenges. To ensure same productivity or prevent productivity loss in during remote working, the HR department needs to tailor the traditional work practice and HR technology. 

In this blog, we will discuss one such tailored solution – HRMS solution! A dedicated cloud supportive HRMS software with a gamut of HR dedicated features could be a great pick for companies. 

So, let’s not waste more time and get into 6 definite ways an HRMS software can make ‘Work from Home’ a cakewalk for the HR department:

Self-service portal

Integrated self-service portal with the HRMS software lets your employees provide their attendance details accurately. The portal empowers you to punch-IN and OUT while you start your work for the day or sign-out through your mobile phone. 

Hence, it brings mobility to attendance management. no more data loss or overlap in remote workforce management. Other details like monthly pay slips are also available to download with every deductions and salary components on it. 

Effective self-service portal can help you lower major challenges occurring while managing your remote employees. 

Timesheet reports

Automated and online timesheet management and reporting helps timesheet updation and remote workforce work management easier and fool proof. Detailed timesheet reports of employees provide you best work report along with the minute distribution. It correspondingly covers the concern for attendance tracking of employees as well. 

Online availability of HRMS software has its own benefits. It not only empowers employees on easy and quick reporting but also the management. once employees update their reports, management can anytime access them through the provided portal. Working from home should not be difficult with online timesheet management with HRMS solution. 

Integrated cloud payroll

Payroll software helps the payroll department set salary parameters and integrate attendance data to perform payroll effectively with a push of a button. Cloud based HRMS software provides online payroll for employees. 

HRMS software, therefore, makes payroll a no concern for remote workers. Online attendance through ESS portal helps in collecting accurate attendance data with timesheets providing worked hours. 

Online payroll software also provides data security with all your crucial data prevented from any breach. The mobile payroll app provides every required data at your fingertips. 

Hassle-free MIS reporting

HRMS software provides one common platform for all your reports which can therefore be accessed by concerned people easily. Online based software makes it available on their mobile phones. Therefore, it becomes easy for HR to make decisions with informative HR MIS reports easily accessible by them. 

Online MIS reporting module helps HR provide information to the management with a couple of clicks eliminating the cumbersome human based slow process. 

Human attendance data and any similar report can easily be obtained remotely. 

Easy work-time tracker

Managing attendance data for remote workers is now easier. Managers now need not get into real job manually. Remote employees can now themselves update their punch (In/Out) data through the provided self-service portal. Online availability of the tool makes it extremely easier for employees to provide work-time related data through mobile phone. 

Employee need to only turn ON their location and geo-tracing capability of mobile app fetches your working location and time. At the end of the day, it automatically calculates total working hours and provides this data to HR department. 

HRMS software solves the time-tracking concern of the HR people while working for remote areas.

Performance management

This requirement occurs amidst longer remote working. When an employee is required to work from home or any remote location with its appraisal around it, performance tracking becomes a concern. Performance appraisal for the employee may seem difficult. But online performance management software helps you eliminate all paper-based process and makes feedback system online. 

The system helps you manage performance appraisal without any hesitation. Automated reminders on your system helps you not forget an appraisal or similar important activity. 

On-cloud availability of each required module makes remote working smooth for any administration. 


Long story? Short – Online HRMS software comes up with HR related modules supporting each of their activities including onboarding, tax calculation, compliance management and much more. The biggest challenge which comes up with remote working is online connectivity of resources. 
Such HRMS software becomes of one of the best solutions for a company in situation like the latest coronavirus outbreak. 

A well-built HR software brings your employees closer and creates a good working culture amid them. Hope you have learnt the required. 
Happy ‘Working form Home’!

Author bio:

Ritik Singh writes about HR software, cloud and enterprise technology. A dynamic content writer who writes for Pocket HRMS, a leading provider of cloud-based HR software with inbuilt AI-powered HR Chatbot (smHRty) to small and mid-sized businesses across India.


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