Creating High Performing Instagram Content: 7 Valuable Insights that Work

Performing Instagram Content

The marketing on Instagram has become more competitive than before. According to Statistics, Instagram boasts over one billion users, and above half-billion users are actively using the platform every month.


Instagram Stories are more popular among users. Around half a billion people post stories daily.


The facts and figures show that this platform helps in giving its users an enormous organic reach than any social media platform.


Suppose you plan to grow your business on Instagram, then make sure you post unique content from the rest; hence you need to plan a strategy for content. Let us dive in to see some remarkable insights to gain massive engagement.


1. Share High-performing Content

 A good marketer is aware that just posting ads doesn't increase engagement in the long run. That's why excellent and competitive organic content comes into the picture. According to a study, Carousel posts tend to obtain higher engagement than a single photo or video clip. Carousel posts acquire a 1.92% engagement rate on every post. Due to the flow of visuals and contents, video clips also do well.


The engagement rate for videos is at 1.45% for every post, whereas single photos acquire an engagement rate of 1.74%. That said, when you create stories with a stream of pictures and clips on a single post, the audience gets captivated by it.


Therefore, the stats clearly say that the carousel posts get a high engagement rate and should start using it more. It doesn't mean that 90% of your content should be carousel posts. Try to discover which type of post best works for you. Use carousel posts to bring a little spice to your content strategy. Begin by designing visually appealing carousels to entice people into your value offer.


2. Get Creative with Carousels

Carousels account for about 19.44% of the millions of postings on Instagram. To stand out from the rest, create distinctive and unique ways to use carousels. You can enrich it by sharing stories about your carousels, which may encourage the audience to look at your original post.


Further, Instagram lets you share up to ten pictures or videos snippets in a single post, allowing users to swipe to see the following picture. That provides a wide range of opportunities for users to express themselves creatively.


3. Keep Captions Short

Whatever the content you post, make sure to keep your captions brief, sweet, and to the point.


When you post content with such captions, you get automatic Instagram likes which helps build brand awareness, boost engagement and drive massive sales. According to data, posts with captions of up to ten words have a higher engagement rate of 2.35% to 3.13%.


4. Utilize Videos to acquire Conversations 

While carousels are visually appealing, videos show to encourage people to react to a brand's post. Video posts acquire an average of 11 comments on each post, which is greater than pictures on carousels. That was because when used properly, video provides the audience with a more personal experience.


5. Make Use of Ads

Every profile on Instagram requires an uplift regularly. If organic content keeps your audience engaged, ads are the best method to obtain additional followers and get observed by a wider audience. You can make ads straight from the app by enhancing your posts using ads manager or working with partners that assist you from purchasing ads to sourcing and delivering content.  

Instagram lets you do the following,

  • Stories ads
  • Photos ads
  • Videos ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Collection ads
  • Ads in explore

Here are some valuable tips for creating profitable ads 

  • Share pictures that are pleasing to the eye and reflect your vision.
  • Remember to keep short texts on picture captions; if the text in posts surpasses 20% of the picture, the Instagram algorithm will never promote it.
  • Include a brief and concise caption on posts. Small captions have a higher success rate.
  • To connect with the potential audience, make use of the right and trending hashtags in your posts. Instagram allows you to include hashtags up to 30.

6. Weave Engaging Stories

Instagram stories are a perfect way to attract audience attention. It's a great way to post helpful information and keep your followers informed about your updates. Mainly, if you run a small business, using stories helps you to spread business information fastly. Some statistics about Instagram Stories:

  • Businesses post stories seven days a month.
  • The majority of the brands share videos on Instagram stories.
  • Sharing over six stories per day yields excellent results.
  • Business profiles with small audiences tend to reach above 9% of followers using stories.
  • Pictures performance fade out compared to videos and have a tap rate of 5.65% on stories.
  • The high drop in stories takes place between two and three stories a day.
  • Out of ten thousand story viewers, only six people respond to stories.

These statistics offer demographics on ways to optimize stories, the number of stories to post every day, or why it is necessary to share more video stories.


You could share an attractive picture with less text about the product as a story. Or you could also include call-to-action buttons like the "Swipe Up" link that directs followers to check your Instagram profile or website.


7. Start a Live Broadcast

A perfect way to make people believe that you care about your customer is to stay engaged with them often. Have you heard yet that 80% of followers like watching live videos from brands instead of going through a blog?


Since live videos enable customers to see the face behind the brand, it brings the human element, trust, and more relatable. Live streaming brings a significant impact on building relationships with followers and your business.


Another advantage of the live feature is that while you go live, your profile pops up at the top of the user's feed, and it will remain there until the end of your session, which helps reach an audience fast and with excellent brand visibility.


Your audience would get a notification by which they can connect to the live session. 


You could go live through a business profile to promote a product or inspire people about product offers while displaying brand values. Ensure to project the human side of the business to let users know that you care about them.



When you encounter that posts with different pictures acquire fewer likes, then try to implement video clips to the carousel posts further. Start live videos to gain new followers and build engagement. Dig in, and get out that creativity on this dynamic platform.


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