What is Schema Markup & Why it's Important for SEO


What is Schema Markup 

Schema Markup (or Schema.org) is one of the latest innovations in SEO. It is the semantic language or microdata for your site's contents.

Search engines will understand your page's HTML code better and display your information to searchers more efficiently.

The search engine-specific data was finally created for users. They wanted a simpler way for users instantly to understand the nature and purpose of websites. about. Learn how schema markup SEO can improve the user experience of your website.

How does Schema Markup Work for Structured Data?

Schema markup, also known as schema.org, is a standard computing language that defines the contents of a webpage so that search engines can understand them.

It contains a vocabulary that search engines like Google can use to understand the site and show its contents in more appealing and effective ways within search results.


Schema markup can be used to give details about these categories' values:

Local Business Schema: The Schema local business markup was created for local companies or branches of organizations. It allows consumers to easily locate the location of the company and other information, such as the address, opening hours, phone number, etc.

Business action property (including order action and reserve actions) allows businesses to give more information and encourage users to "complete that action".

Product Schema: The Product or Offer markups can be used to sell an item or service. Both allow product information such as status and price to appear on search pages. The Offer markup requires both the "price" or "price currency" properties, while the Product requires only the "name" property.


Organization Schema: The Organization schema describes the company's introduction. It includes contact information, location, and social profiles.

It appears on the right-top page when you search for "Oracle" in Google. The picture is above. The company logo and name are highlighted in the red rectangle. The green rectangle displays location information and contact info. The blue rectangle lists social profiles.

Article Schema Markup: Schema Article markup can be used to create news articles and blog posts. This makes it easier for search engines to understand the content.

Fox News is the first search result in the "Today's News" category. However, People.com's article "Hoda Koptb and Savannah Guthrie are Today's New Anchor Team", is displayed at the top of the page. It ranks #8 below the fold.

Person Markup: The Schema individual markup lists the details of an individual, including name, birth date, and address.


Video Schema Markup: Search engines still have difficulty crawling video content. It is possible to add VideoObject to your website. This will help Google crawl and index your video and make your video visible in Google Video Search.


Review Schema: This results in attention-grabbing and rich results that increase click-through rates (CTR) to your website.

Event Schema: The Event schema contains additional information about concerts, lectures, and webinars. It also includes details such as price, date, location, and venue.

Recipe Schema: Recipe schema can be used to display a recipe-rich code snippet on recipe web pages. Google does not require the name description. However, you should use the following properties:

  • prep time, cook time, total-time or ingredients
  • Image
  • nutrition information
  • Review

How can Schema Markup affect SEO?

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Schema markup, also known as semantic vocabulary or microdata, is a code that you can add to your HTML. The schema markup can be added to your site and create a description of your website. Rich snippets are discussed in detail in the next section.

Increase your Website Traffic

Although schema markup may not be a ranking factor in the first place, it can certainly contribute! It's worth looking into other ways to increase the number of visitors to your site.

People are more likely to click on a site that appears in search results as trustworthy. This results in a higher click-through rate and a greater number of users visiting your site than competitors.

Your site can easily be indexed with specific metadata. This is thought to be more precise than a keyword search. You get SEO benefits in the way of indirect ones.

Your rank will grow if your click-through rates, bounce rate, and time on site all increase. These factors work together to increase traffic and improve SEO.


Schema Improves CTR

Schema markups have the advantage of allowing your site to be included in search results. CTRs can be boosted by providing your visitors with the most relevant information, no matter what their search terms are.

While you won't see a rise in your ranking after adding schema markup, you can expect an increase in organic traffic.

Provides Extensive Rich Snippets

Schema markups make your website more attractive, interesting, and relevant when you use images and snippets. These results are more popular than those not displayed by the search engines. Structured data markup lets you provide the information that you wish users to see on the rich snippets added to your web pages. It can boost the SEO of your website and increase your organic traffic.

Grow Local Businesses

Different schema markups can be applied to different pages on your website. Structured information can be used to display information in search results. This includes names, phone numbers, social media profiles, and blogs, as well as contact information and customer service numbers. This helps search engines recognize the type of services that you offer and allows you to distinguish your brand from others.

Knowledge Graph

Schema markup is a key source of data in the Google Knowledge Graph. It provides a knowledge base about the entities and relationships among them.

Google refers to Knowledge Panels as "information boxes that appear in Google when you enter search terms for entities (people, organizations, places or objects) that are part of the Knowledge Graph." These panels are designed to provide a quick overview of all the information that Google has on a topic.

How can You Create Your Own Schema Markup?

Many tools are available online to help you use schema markup. Once you have created your schema, all you need to do is to integrate it into your code. You can also use schema WordPress plugins to make the process easier.

Schema Generators Tools

  • Merkle Schema Markup Generator One of the most popular options at Tecmark that allows you to export in JSON LD and microdata formats.
  • Hall Analysis Generator Generator Hall Analysis generator is simple to use for any website owner
  • Microdata Generator.com is another great tool that is especially beneficial to local businesses.

Schema-based implementation is simpler than you might think and is a great practice for SEO. If you want to increase the presence of your business online then contact DriftClick is your best choice for a digital marketing service that can help in increasing organic traffic. 



This guide is for beginners to schema markup. It explains what schemas are and what they can be used for. Next time, I will explain how to integrate schema markup into your websites or blogs. You can comment if you have any questions or don't understand the information.


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